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PEARSON PADDLEBOARDS and SURF SKIS are designed specifically for lifeguards, meeting all USLA specifications. We offer both California and New Zealand built paddleboards, plus surf skis, surf ski paddles, and board fins. Strength and maneuverability are characteristic of Pearson boards, built with only the highest quality materials.

Surf Ski

The Pearson Surf Ski is extremely maneuverable in rough and choppy water because of our high bow foil design. Surf Ski PictureThe Australians redesigned Merve Larson's 1960's ski boat into today's surf ski, where it has become a favorite paddlecraft for recreational sports and competitive races. Surf SkisOur ski is great for lakes, rivers, bays and open ocean paddling. One person can easily carry the surf ski and several skis can be transported atop a car. Specifications: 19' length, 19" width, 40 lbs. weight. We are also the approved lifeguard dealer for the Decente Paddles of New Zealand. Many top surf ski athletes, including Cory Hutchings and Aaron Jarman of iron man fame, use these "propeller" blades for introducing more surface area to the head of the paddle blade. The result is maximum propulsion for each stroke. Ski Paddle


Pearson Unlimited introduces two new Joe Bark custom-designed paddleboards; the 20 lb. Rescue and the 16.5 lb. Race Weight.

Joe Bark Paddleboards are hand-shaped, refined and tested in Southern California by Joe Bark, Joe Barka lifelong surfer, surfboard builder, paddleboard shaper/designer and twice-winner of the Catalina Classic. More Catalina races have been won on Bark paddle craft than any other brand. Both the Race Weight and the Rescue boards have 5 handles, plus handwells on both sides of the board. Bark paddleboards are for those who want the best.


Pearson Unlimited's most recent addition to its product line is the NSR Rapid Repair Kit for Paddle Sports by North Sea Resins. The NSR kit contains either NSR110 (quick-flow resin) or the NSR150 (thicker, for use in specific applications), Blue LED Flashlight, Applicator Pads, Surface Prep Pads, and 6"x 2" Fiberglass Mesh. Damage to paddle boards can be cured on command in 30 seconds using the kit's visible light process.

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