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Product Pictures Dory Boats
PEARSON UNLIMITED offers both surf and rowing dories. Our hand-laminated process uses only the highest quality S-Glass stitch-bonded fabric and surface-sealed to assure that no additional weight is gained through absorption. Any type wood is available for the trim, but Philippine mahogany is the wood of choice by many skippers. We also offer high-density polyethylene as a rail option.

Surf Dory

Our Surf Dory meets all specifications of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) and the National Doryman's Association (NDA). The hull design is classic Banks Dory but construction is the cutting edge of modern technology. Dory in wavesThe bottom of the hull and the washdeck are cored laminate structures that withstand King Neptune's fury. The washdeck, a one piece part with a molded, non-skid texture, is bonded to the hull and the stringers with a high strength compound forming a rigid "I-beam" type structure along the center axis. Inside of doryWe have also incorporated small fore and after decks that are laminated as part of the hull. This one-piece approach eliminates the problem of cracking in vulnerable areas, especially in the event of a shallow water capsizing. Recesses are provided for the flush installation of our adjustable seat and footbrace system. Appropriate scuppers are installed to make this a truly efficient self-bailing boat. We also install two pair of oak clips to securely hold a spare pair of oars. The Pearson Surf Dory is completely adjustable. Fordeck
AftdeckWith our Track System, moving a seat or a footbrace takes only a matter of minutes. These adjustments allow for a balanced boat no matter what the weight difference is between crew members. Oarlocks can also be adjusted along the rail to provide optimal pull length and position of comfort. Not only can you adjust the bow and stern positions, but the Surf Dory can be setup in a center station operation. Inside parts
Remove one seat and footbrace and you're ready to row perfectly balanced with only one person. This is a great advantage when rowing the dory leg of the American Ironman event that is so popular at lifesaving competitions.FootBrace
SeatWe build our surf dory with three basic ideals in mind: maximum strength to weight ratio, minimum maintenance, and complete adjustability. Our bottom line is SAFETY. We have made every effort possible to build a quality product that will endure years of severe punishment. All this durability is in a package that is under 300 pounds fitted out, guaranteed. Call (310-545-7659) or e-mail us.

Rowing Dory

Our Pearson Rowing Dory is designed for speed and quietness. Rowing DoryIts narrow profile and light weight construction will swiftly deliver you to your favorite fishing spot. It is also used as a surfing boat by many southern California lifeguards to hone their surfzone skills. Rowing DoryA hand-laminated hull and a white polyester gelcoat (or your choice of color) provide the foundation of a process that assures equal weight distribution and best strength-to-weight ratio. Inside CloseupTo eliminate structural problems at the bow and stern, the breasthook, tombstone, fore and after decks are laminated as one piece with the hull. DimensionsCored laminate fore and aft flotation tanks provide hull stiffness and storage. Similar to our Surf Dory, the Rowing Dory is trimmed out in Philippine mahogany rails and seat (or the wood of your choice). This is not only a fun, swift rowing craft, but an eye-appealing classic design as well.
AllState Dory

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