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are designed to help meet the challenge of an open water environment. Two factors guiding our oar design are efficiency and safety, with special attention directed towards the construction of the blade and shaft. Our oars are available with your choice of carbon fiber, laminate wrap, or pultrusion fiberglass shafts and wood or carbon fiber blades. Oar parts offered include sleeves, handles, rings, and oarlocks. Call (310-545-7659) or e-mail for further information.

Oar Blades

Our dory oar blade is 30-50% longer than the blade of a typical oar. The extra length is necessary for a surfcraft to get in and out through the surf line. With a Pearson blade, a rower can get enough blade in the water to get a good pull, even in rough waves. We offer two styles of curved blades, one narrower to provide optimum holding power and one wider to supply a firmer "plant". Both have rounded backs that allow the blade to skip up when confronted by a swell. In addition, we offer flat replacement blades for Hughes shafts. Carbon fiber oar blades are our newest addition. These blades are much lighter and stronger than wood blades and are offered only in black. Carbon FiberOur conventional wood blades are made of spruce, a lightweight, strong and easily-carved wood. The flexibility of spruce blades hold the oar in the lock, unlike plastic or fiberglass. The design of a Pearson blade guarantees oar efficiency.

Oar Parts

Synthetic tubing oar shafts are safer than those made of wood. Oar ShaftsWhen broken, synthetic tubing will not produce the long, sharp shards of wood shafts. Pearson Unlimited offers three synthetic tubing shafts -- S-glass 3 Oarslaminate wrap (Blue shaft), pultrusion fiberglass (Yellow shaft), and carbon fiber (Black shaft). The Blue shaft is lightweight, the Yellow shaft is slightly heavier and very stiff, and the Black shaft is extremely lightweight, strong, and requires little maintenance.

Our pistol grip handle , Sleeve Ringswhich looks like a bicycle handlebar grip, places each stroke of the oar at an ideal angle in the water, thus avoiding missed pulls. This grip is standard with most competitive boat crews and is provided unfinished to allow custom shaping to fit the individual rower's hand. Other parts available include adjustable oarlocks, clips, shaft sleeves, and oar rings. Please see our Product Price List for a complete listing.

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