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PEARSON UNLIMITED is an official representative of Pacific Trailers, an established company respected for their attention to boat trailer safety. A standard model is offered, with the choice of additional features.

Trailer and Toolbox

Pearson Pacific Trailers allow easy loading of dory boats at the edge of the water or off-ramp. A steady, smooth ride results from the focus on the angles for stabilization and trailer hitch. Trailer dimensions accommodate craft size, with choice of tire style and additional rail padding. Call (310-545-7659) or e-mail for further information. Closeup of Trailer

Trailer Toolbox

No room in the SUV for all your boat tools? The Pearson Toolbox eliminates that problem by mounting directly on the center or triangle tongue of your boat trailer. Constructed of heavy duty welded steel, the toolbox is powder coated Toolboxfor durability and measures 10"x20"x12" . Your choice of bolting on or welding on, single or double boxes. Wholesale pricing available for volume orders.

Pacific Trailers

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